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Tänään on aivan täydellinen ilta juoda pari lasillista skumppaa! Huomenna lähtö rakkaasta kodista ja hyvin paljon epätietoisuutta tulevista viikoista. Ainakin ensi sunnuntaihin asti meillä on seinät ja kattokin pään päällä.
Tänään mä oon muistellut paljon kaikkia vanhoja juttuja, ja ajattelin nyt keskittyä tässä ylistämään tiettyjä Barcelonan artisteja. Aloitetaas..

Bändi nimeltään BIG LITTLE CITY
The story

Paul Henry didn’t pick up a guitar for the first time until he was 28, but since then the musician and producer has been making up for it.
The list of Henry’s musical achievements that have followed him around the world since that moment is impressive.
He’s toured extensively throughout America Latina with a variety of big-name musicians, including Matias “El Chavez” Mendez with his band Nuca; he’s started his own musical project here in Barcelona called Big Little City, and as of late he’s even opened his own recording studio.
Henry’s story starts in the streets of Miami, an adopted home for the Argentinean, but one where he often felt like an outsider.
“[Being from Argentina] was something that made me an outcast. Miami was full of Latinos, but there weren’t many Argentineans, and I spoke with a different accent,” he says.
Henry had arrived in Miami at age six, after his parents were forced to flee their homeland during the Argentinean dictatorship.
A place where he did fit in however, was the street music scene.  He remembers stealing his family’s two tape deck stereo, finding a hiding place, and mixing music using the old school pause and record method.
“Back in the day everyone was doing that in The States,” Henry says. “It was like a caveman hitting stones - it could take you four hours to have four or five minutes of a beat to rap to.”
From the mixing grew a love of beat boxing, and at the tender age of 14 Henry began beat boxing for local MC’s at neighbourhood parties. He says it seemed like a normal thing to do at the time.
“But you look back on it and it’s actually pretty cool – not every kid does that. I get more nervous now than I did then,” he laughs. “It was fun times those ghetto block parties in Miami.”
But as he grew older, Henry grew tired of The States and Miami, and in 1998 he arrived back in his homeland, and his hometown of Buenos Aires.
He immediately felt like he’d rediscovered his identity, and he reconnected with his extended family and made close friends.
“I also found that almost everyone in Argentina played an instrument, whereas in Miami it was all about turntables and microphones,” Henry says. So he picked up a guitar. The rest, as they say, is history.
He went on to meet and play with many influential artists at venues around America Latina, which included working on a project with Chucky de Ipola of Argentine rock band Los Piojos.
But one of the most shaping experiences musically came for Henry during his time as a member of Nuca alongside Matias “El Chavez” Mendez.
“That’s where I learnt producing and how to use all the programmes,” he says. “The first time I ever went on stage with Nuca was memorable. It told me that was where I was supposed to be standing.”
Throughout his time in Argentina Henry says he always had an idea that he wanted to start his own musical project, and one that mixed the beats and raps he grew up with in Miami with the sound of acoustic guitars and live instruments that he came to love in Argentina.
And it was thanks to love that this project was finally born.
“I came to Barcelona out of love – I followed a girl here. It didn’t work out, so I went back to Argentina, but I ended up missing Barcelona,” he says. “It’s like a hotbed here. There’s a great energy in the city, there’s life.”
Henry returned for good in 2009, and soon got the project he’d dreamed of – now called Big Little City – up and running.
In the early days the band consisted just of Henry and musician Tiago ‘lil’ Bonzai (who is now working on a solo project), and input from a variety of session musicians.
“We’ve had lots of different artists along the way, but this year I completed the album and decided to start getting some steady members. I saw [drummer] Marcelo Montenegro playing once and I really liked how he played, so it was a matter of finding him and showing him the project. He loved it immediately, thankfully,” he says.
“[Bassist] Simon Brown was one of the bass players on the first album White Record, and [lead guitarist] Sebastian Azulejo Ortner I met at a jam session. He’s a well known guitarist around Barcelona, so I asked him to come to the studio one day and he really liked the project too.”
There is one further honorary member of Big Little City that deserves a mention, says Henry. His dog Judy is a special lady in his life, and she even has a guest appearance one of Big Little City’s songs.
“She was in the recording booth during a really nice saxophone solo by Stefano Tomaselli, and when he played a beautiful high pitch note, she barked, and it came out perfectly,” he laughs.
Henry credits his friend and local musical extraordinaire James Kakande for gifting Big Little City its name.
The two were hanging outside Los Correos on Via Laitana playing guitar, when Kakande sang the lyrics that were to form the final piece of the band.
“He sang this amazingly beautiful, catchy hook, which was ‘bright lights, big little city’,” says Henry. “Later on he came to the studio to record that hook, along with arranging some horn lines which were being played by Danny Gaiser. He also then added a really nice melodic bridge. It just stayed in the hard drive and a month or so later, I realised that was the name of the band – Big Little City.”
To fuel his interest in producing and complement the band, three months ago Henry and bassist Simon Brown set up recording studios Brown Studios.
Projects include making beats for MC and producer Oliver Grimball, and James Kakone is currently using the studio to produce an album for Barcelona band Ugly is the New Beautiful.
Henry wants the studio to be a place that helps all artists, and he’s open to talking to anyone about recording there, no matter what their budget.
This fact alone is a tribute to his dedication to music.
 “I’m going to keep pushing this project and recording songs at Brown Studios,” Henry says. “If something big happens for us, that would be absolutely wonderful, but the idea is to just keep doing music, because that’s what I love – it’s how I live.” "

Teksti täältä

Eli ite tiedän/tunnen kyseisen poppoon entisen vuokranantajani kautta. Hän on itsekin muusikko ja tutustutti mut kaikenlaisiin musiikkipiireihin täällä Barcelonassa. Lukemattomia kertoja oon kierrellyt ympäri keskustan tuntumia valokuvaamassa poikien katusoittoja. Poppoon jäsenet on aina silloin tällöin hieman vaihdelleet, mutta viime kerran(viime kuussa) kun ite kävin poikien keikalla, oli bändin kitaristi-beatboxaaja-laulaja ainut alkuperäinen jäsen. Hänet tapasin ekan kerran 2010 keväällä, ja jossain kohtaa oltiin kämppiksiäkin. Loistavaa musiikkia, AINA.

Linkki muutamaan biisiin..
Muusikko nimeltään JESSE MASTERSON
- Se entinen vuokranantajani.

Jesseltä sujuu niin kontrabasso kuin kitarakin aivan loistavasti. Alla olevassa videossa Jesse on tuo kontrabassoilija, ja vasemmanpuoleinen on edellä mainitun nykyisen Big Little Cityn perustaja/ainoa alkuperäinen jäsen.

Ja tässä Jesse ja hieman uudempi biisi.. Rakkauslaulu vaimolleen.. :)


Aina yhtä mahtava JAMES KAKANDE

" James Kakande (born on 22 January 1974 in Manchester) is an English pop singer.[1] Produced by Mousse T., he became famous in Italy in summer 2006 with the single "You You You".


As a boy, he began to play the piano and then guitar with noticeable results. He soon became able to play five instruments with no teachers and, following advice by a close friend, hitch-hiked to Hannover, Germany, and managed to perform some songs he had written to the famous German-Turkish disc jockey and record producer Mousse T., who was greatly impressed by the singer's music. The DJ then decided to produce the song "Just look at us now" for Kakande's first album All nite madness.
In summer 2006, he became famous in Italy with the single "You you you" from Little red bag, an album released later. The song was chosen as the main tune of the Italian well-known TV programme Festivalbar 2006 and as the advert melody for an important telephone company. It was also used as the official football anthem for Trinidad & Tobago national football team at Germany 2006.
The 2007 re-release has a dance remix by Alex Gaudino & Jerma.


  1. ^ "Biography". Retrieved 17 January 2011. "

Jamesin myöskin tiedän edellämainitun entisen vuokranantajani kautta. Niillä oli tapana soittaa joka viikko We Are Dreamer - nimisessä tapahtumassa,ja James oli yksi tapahtuman perustajista. James on  mun tuttavista maailmanlaajuisesti tunnetuin, mutta kyllä ne kaikki on ihan pirun hyviä. Tässä pari  hyvää biisiä Jamesiltä..


Tietenkin oma rakas JACK NORTON

Kiitti ja kuitti!

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